Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wee Doodle Wednesday Meets Illustration Friday

My time these days is largely consumed by prep for an art show coming up in October (you can follow the progress of that project at Lost Coast Post.)  However, I'm taking periodic breaks from all the painting madness and using down time to let my mind & pen wander.  This edition of Wee Doodle Wednesday is inspired by this week's topic over at Illustration Friday.  I've wanted to participate in IF forever but really have always been too intimidated.  I thought I'd give it a shot though since an idea immediately sprang to mind when the topic "Bounce," was announced last Friday.  It's often good to tackle the things that frighten you the most.

I imagined that, perhaps, when some little boy or girl is having a sleepover someplace else, their particular closet monster creeps out of the shadows and has a wee bit of fun bouncing on the bed.  I experimented here with limited color, rendering the bed and rug in shades of gray Pitt pens and coloring the little monster with Letraset AquaMarkers.


  1. A very cute bouncy monster. Congrats on going for it with IF. Love how you have only coloured the monster.

  2. this colourful monster must be really happy to "own" the bed now by bouncing on it and having so much fun!
    i wish my closet monster was like this one (well maybe it is, who knows...)

  3. So glad you joined, this is so adorable! I really like the combination of styles and the details are great!


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